Monday, March 23, 2009

Black Cake/Caribbean Rum Cake

Black Cake is known by many different names such as Caribbean Rum Cake, Caribbean Fruit Cake, Caribbean Black Cake, and Christmas Cake. The name depends on what country or caribbean island you're from.

According to a New York Times’ article, Black Cake descended from the British Plum Cake. For many people in the Caribbean, black cake is reserved for special occasions –weddings, christenings, birthdays and christmas. For many, Christmas was not complete without a pan of black cake. The essence of black cake is the fruits (raisins, currents, prunes, mixed peel, and cherries), rum, and brown sugar.

Marilyn’s black cake is an all natural cake made with finely ground fruits soaked a minimum of three months in her secret rum blend. Baked at low heat, the result is a moist delicious cake that epitomizes the taste and flavor of the Caribbean.

Cakes can be ordered undecorated and decorated. However, when decorated, Marilyn adds almond paste before decorating the cake to enhance the flavor.

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