Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cake Boxes

One of the things that guests at a Caribbean wedding expect is a slice of black cake in a cake box. Besides being a Caribbean wedding tradition, it is a great way to share your wedding cake and say thank you to family, friends and guests for sharing your special day. After the main course at a wedding reception or party, many guests are too full to enjoy a slice of cake but would be happy to take it home to enjoy later. Send your guests home with a slice of cake neatly wrapped in a cake box.

Many Caribbean brides usually order a separate sheet cake for the cake boxes. Marilyn usually provides it two to three days before the wedding with the following instructions: cut the cake, wrap it in wax paper, and then place it in the cake box.

This could be a wonderful time for your mom, aunts, maid-of-honor, and bridesmaids to get together and have a cake cutting party. However, I must warn you to feed them before you start cutting the cake, so that they are not eating the cake instead of cutting and boxing it. Trust us on this, we had one mother of bride calling franticly after a cake cutting party to say that she needs another cake because they ate more cake than they should, and they didn’t have enough for the cake boxes.

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